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I know that you had a choice; You could have kept scrolling on Instagram looking for the latest n greatest post.
I am so honored that you decided to check out Insight to Actions website! Spend time, wander around and learn about my work in counseling and my passion for empowering others to live a life they desire.
Working with teenagers and adults who participate in extreme sports, lifestyles, or elite careers is where both my education and background have allowed me to be the most effective.  Sometimes life choices cause struggles of shame, blame or secrets. 
Counseling makes it possible to untangle the mess and live life forward. Together we can begin to untwist your tangled life, so that you feel proud of you and the life journey you choose. 

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The InSighter is my writings of Hope, Empowerment, & Sassy Inspirations; All Served with a medium scoop of education and topped with sprinkles of humor and country wide love

And Before You Leave...


 Counseling is Not About Change.



Counseling with me is about empowering you to be more of the person you envision.

Counseling with me is about empowering you to do more of the things that give your life personal happiness.