My Dissertation

"Internet Self-Efficacy and Attitude Toward Cyberbullying Prevention Programs in Teachers and Mental Health Professionals in Minnesota"

Thanks so much for stopping by my page that shares both 

my passion for higher education


the desire to make a difference

in the prevention of cyberbullying

within our families and communities. 

My entire research plan was approved by Capella University in August of 2017.

And now, almost a year later, I am beginning to collect data. Persistence and Perseverance are the qualities of a doctoral student, I tell ya! 

I am interested in determining if adults {specifically, teachers and mental health professionals} self-confidence in utilizing digital devices influences their attitude toward cyberbullying prevention. As of early 2018, there has been no previous academic research looking at how an adults confidence in using digital devices may influence their attitude towards, and the importance they give, cyberbullying prevention programs.

 To put another way, I am interested in whether adults that engage in cyberbullying behaviors or dismiss cyberbullying incidents, do not support cyberbullying prevention for their children, students or clients. 

My hope is to get enough participants from Minnesota to complete my dissertation. If not, I can quickly expand to the Midwest region. 

And if you would like to participate in my research, please just click on the link below

 And, most importantly, if you would like  to receive updates about my dissertation and the results I obtain, please just send me an email and I will add you to my list! Thanks for your interest in my research on adult cyberbullying and always be kind! k