Dr. Katy Karas is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in both Minnesota and Wisconsin specializing in individual, couple and family mental health counseling. Most of her clients are law enforcement, firefighters and those impacted by trauma and high risk and/or high adrenaline endeavors. Dr. Karas' area of expertise is working with clients who present with struggles in relationship communication and intimacy, trauma, anxiety, perfectionism, life transitions, and job or team performance. In a straightforward yet gentle approach, Dr. Karas works from a solution-focused, action forward style while honoring a cognitive-behavioral approach. She is trained in BrainSpotting for all her trauma sessions and clients report life changing results utilizing this trauma modality. And Dr. Karas was most recently certified as a Clinical Professional in Sex Therapy counseling to bring expertise to her work with both couples and indiviuals.

Dr. Karas is the Founder of Families Wear Badges Too, a program that hosts seminars educating couples, where one or both family members are first responders. These seminars teach skills for healthy communication while navigating the unique stressors of living the life of a First Responder.  Dr. Karas also hosts seminars for all couples titled Couples at the Crossroad. These seminars are for couples on the brink of uncoupling AND who want to give their relationhip a healthy and active dose of positivity while learning how to reframe the relationship or marriage in a more loving and compassionate way. 

Begin Insight to Understand Action 

Marriage Counselor in Isanti

Maybe it's the relationship with the job, the team, the family, a sponsor, or a significant other that suddenly ended.

Your friends, colleagues, or teammates have the "perfect life" and you feel numb.   You want the passion and excitement of yesterday, today. You want your family life to feel "like it was". 

Yet,  you do not know how to reclaim it.

And then it begins; the blow-ups, melt-downs, shut-downs, and just everyday breakdowns. Overwhelmed doesn't even describe it. 

I agree that sometimes we do not perform the way we would like to. I also know that sometimes our careers or personal lives can cause great personal anguish & trauma memories, leaving us to feel totally defeated.

In our defeats, is where we find our greatest hope. And hope is where we begin...

To begin, I was raised in a family, where my father was a small-town Kansas police officier. Then when I was 4 years old, we moved to Southern California, where he advanced up ranks in one the largest police departments in the country.   After college I spent  over two decades participating in extreme sports & piloting single & twin engine aircraft, along with living many life and family struggles.  Both my Masters and Doctoral degrees are in Marriage and Family Therapy, which I earned at Capella University in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2019. 

Together in counseling, we begin to understand who you are today and what needs to happen to live life forward. 



with Dr. Karas

My professional style is just what my company name says "Insight to Actions."

My area of expertise is exploring the hardships that develop from shame, blame, trauma and secrets.  Because we have chosen an elite professional career or our lives have just been lived. Dr. Karas provides counseling to adult, couples and families who strugle with various issues, including relationship breakdowns, complex traumas, depression, grief,  anxiety, perfectionism, stuckness and life transitions. 

I work extensively with law enforcement, firefighters, correctional officiers and medical first responders, and/or their significant others to help manage their unique job and life-related challenges. Her preferred therapy treatment modalities include brief solution-focused therapy (BSFT), interpersonal & narrative psychotherapy and the trauma modality of BrainSpotting (BSP). 

Additionally, my dedication to Team Family has allowed my work with couples and families experiencing high-conflict, significant child separation due to divorce, parental emotionality gone wild, military deplayment, incarceration or stipulations from the court due to CPS or other legal wranglings. I offer co-parenting and family reunifications sessions.

Together in counseling, we begin to understand who you are today and what needs to happen to live life forward. 



My office is located in  the E Offices at 7201 Metro Boulevard and Highway 100. The office is very accessible, less than a mile off Highway 100.  The office is located in Edina but close to Eden Prairie, Chanhassen, Excelsior, Minnetonka and all of Minneapolis.

                                                                                                                                                                                              The building feel is modern, clean and safe. We use digital security with a private access code to enter the building which makes it secure when a session is scheduled outside of regular business hours. This provides you an extra level of confidence for a counseling session in a safe environment.

When you enter Suite 550 on the fifth floor in the waiting room, you will check in on an iPad which notifies only me yet, doesn’t disclose your identity. We offer a receptionist during business hours that offers you  a beverage and ensures your comfort until I meet you in the waiting room to escort you to my office.


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Counseling with Dr. Katy is about empowering you to revisit your personal talents that give you daily hope & gratitude.

 Counseling with Dr. K allows us to understand then manage your historic traumas, while learning ways to manage future stressors.

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