In Counseling, I work with Teens & Adults that choose High Energy Sports, Lifestyles or Professions

that results in struggles of Shame, Blame or Secrets.

In Executive Counseling, I work with Departments, Teams, & Schools to develop ways to harness their team intensity, manage the traumas or crisis that impact group health &

resolve to have healthy members, no matter the work required.

Begin Insight to Understand Action 

Marriage Counselor in Isanti


Maybe it's the relationship with the job, the team, the family, a sponsor, or a significant other that suddenly ended.

Your friends, colleagues, or teammates have all moved on.   You want the passion and excitement of yesterday, today.  

Yet,  you do not know how to reclaim it.

And then it begins; the blow-ups, melt-downs, shut-downs, and just everyday breakdowns. Overwhelmed doesn't even describe it. 

Sure, physically you are in shape and active.You may be "good once"  as you ever were; You used to be a Superstar. Talent made you a Professional. You used to command the runway, jetway, highway,  and all ways. And now there is an epic roadblock preventing your life from moving forward. 

After spending over two decades participating in extreme sports, along with many life and family struggles,  I lived major life transitions.

I agree that sometimes we do not perform the way we would like to. I also know that sometimes our careers or personal lives can cause great personal anguish, leaving us to feel totally defeated.


In our defeats, is where we find our greatest hope. And hope is where we begin...




Counseling is

Not about Change.

Counseling with me is about empowering you to be more of the person you envision.



 Counseling with me is about empowering you to do more of the things that give you personal satisfaction.


My area of expertise is exploring the hardships that develop from shame, blame, or secrets because we engage in an extreme sport or lifestyle or have chosen an elite professional career. 

My professional style is just what my company name says "Insight to Actions."

Together in counseling, we begin to understand who you are today and what needs to happen to live life forward. 

Counseling with me, you can expect a solution-focused approach, which stays very much in the present day. That is not to say; we may visit past struggles to determine what is best for your next life chapter. 



The location of your counseling sessions is up to you.  I can travel to your home or home. This offers both privacy and scheduling flexibility and you do not have to travel to an office or spend time in a waiting room.  

I also have a two beautiful offices. One is in downtown Anoka, that overlooks the Rum River and Two Rivers Historical Park. This  office is spacious enough for your family and is also ADA accessible. My second office is in Princeton, to best reach the rural communities of central Minnesota.  At both locations, I collaborate with Fuller Living and Associates which allows me to accept most all medical insurance. 

Because we meet at your preferred location, this allows you to maximize therapeutic efficiency due to comfortable and familiar surroundings at a time that is most convenient for you.








Here are just a couple of the events we are planning.

Snowshoeing, Fat-Tire Biking, and Skiing Events

We will let the cool temperatures inspire our adventures.

Canoe Trips & Boating

In a state with more than 10,000 lakes, we will find plenty to inspire our well-being.



Every Season Has Beauty

Blending Outdoor Adventure and Mental Health



 Minnesotans are blessed to have seasonal beauty in our lakes, parks, and farmlands. It just makes sense to blend the outdoors with our mental health. In addition to my regular walk-n-talk sessions on the hiking trails, I will also be collaborating with other professionals to combine adventure day trips with a counseling twist.

The InSighter

A Monthly Electronic Newznote

The InSighter is a collection of my writings of hope, empowerment, & sassy inspirations; all served with a medium scoop of education and topped with sprinkles of humor & country wide love.

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