One need not page too far or view the cinema screen too long, to feel the allure of epic determination, resilience, and warrior strength every superhero dominates.

Whether our champions are found on the digital screen, written page, or in the athletic arena and stage, the gravitational desire to imitate them is unavoidable.

How many times do we tell our children, students, or clients that they can be whatever they dream to be. We tell them they can be just like the confidently capable Katniss from the Hunger Games;  or with practice they can make a 3-point shot like Kevin Durant; or they can persistently fight for social change like Ruth Bader Ginsberg; maybe they can build an empire like the all-around brilliant Richard Branson or perhaps they can create the next social app like Mark Zuckerberg. What is really being said when we try to duplicate a personal persona that has already been imagined or lived?


Any time we begin to desire another person’s super powers, we are setting ourselves up for epic failure, of titanic proportions. Soon enough, we begin to understand that wearing glasses like Harry Potter or cleats like Aaron Rodgers will not magically give us what we truly desire from our super heroes.

How do we come to understand our own unique super stardom?    To ask differently, “why do we want to identify or connect with any superhero?” Just like a new  actress follows the script or a new performer will a follow a playlist, having some life guidance is a buoyant life preserver in turbulent seas.

Nevertheless, this leads to a marvelous juxtaposition. Maybe it is the personal qualities such as, determination, resilience, courage, positivity, and grit that makes the true super hero we admire.

And just maybe, it is in the personal qualities, that will allow us to develop our own championship. What’s more, it is in our own definition of being a hero or heroine, where life begins to thrive, rather than copying a life already lived.

The next time you find yourself admiring another person, be it real or fiction, quickly yet gently, ask yourself, “What is it about this person, that I marvel at”? If you admire worldly goods and enjoy eye candy, one becomes a copycat. If you admire one’s character and personal qualities, one  feels genuine kinship with a winner.  When players and performers are interviewed after wins of grandeur, they commonly refer to feelings of gratitude, determination, loyalty to a goal, and camaraderie as elements that make them superstars.


And I leave you with this my friend.

You already possess every super power to be the hero you desire. Your privilege is fueled by your passion. Look to the WonderWomen, SuperGirls, Batman’s or the athletes and performers you admire and ask this: “HOW did they become so epically awesome?”

The answer for you is to develop your own awesomesauce recipe for becoming your own type of superhero. Beware!  It is not found wearing another’s cape, corset, shoes, or honoring their possessions. Being awesome activates in the mirror. 

At every sunrise, cloudy or not, confidently ask yourself “How do I want to be today? The what of life is not essential to lasso  life’s endless possibilities.Click To Tweet

Finally, the Golden Ticket!


The answer to “how”  can only be answered by talking to the reflection in your mirror. 


Being a super hero requires epic action. The words you tell yourself become your recipe for stardom. Self-talk begins the journey of being a SuperStar.


Choose your actions wisely and you will be blessed most graciously ~


  • Laura,

    Love this! Everyone had their own unique super-power. You’re right, it’s about finding what that thing is inside you, that makes you awesome. I have a mentor who asked us to ask others, if we weren’t sure, to tell us what our strengths were – that was a wonderful, enlightening exercise!

    • Katy Karas,

      Much gratitude for the comments Laura! Anytime we can share with others what we feel are their strengths or what makes them so awesome, truly builds up everyone.

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