Family Counseling Delivered to your Home ~ 5 Reasons In-Home Counseling is the New Mental Health Trend


Family is  the most rewarding relationship we share. Whether we parent young kiddos, teenagers or share our home with our maturing parents, conflict and stress  impact the entire family. Sometimes our communication becomes a struggle or maybe each family member seems to misunderstand their role or position on Team Family.

It has been said that parenting is one of the most difficult yet rewarding jobs we can have. Yet when the difficult times are greater than  the enjoyable times and the team seems to be stuck in a losing season, reaching out for professional assistance can make family life much more loving.

Family is another word for team. And sometimes, our favorite team's  weather  a temporary losing  slump. Yet, for Team Family, when the stakes are personal and love is all around, there is no reason to not reach for professional help to adjust to life's  struggles.

Sadness, anxiety, career change, relationship struggles, and team performance all play a part in family conflict.

We know that one player cannot solve all the team’s problems.  Team Family is no different.

Whatever the struggle may be, seeking counseling with the family at the center is imperative if each team member is going to be strong, confident and empowered.

Family therapy can be easily accessible and on your time schedule.  Maybe it is the old-fashioned twisted into the new fashion, with medical professionals making house-calls,  that will help families to have optimum mental health. It is time to have our mental health professionals delivering mental health to places that are best for the counseling relationship and just may shorten the time that therapy is needed.


Let's discuss 5 reasons you and your family can benefit from having a mental health professional deliver personalized therapy to your home or office. Click To Tweet

1. Distance to the Therapist's' Office

The distance and time to drive to visit a family therapist can be a serious issue for many families. Let's face it, we are beyond busy with full calendars. It can be a struggle to arrange all family members to attend family therapy at an office across town.   We know that Minnesotans  love to travel  UpNorth  or to their favorite fishing spot. Yet, sometimes loading the family into the  truck and driving hours to your family counseling office is a huge struggle. A family therapist that offers house calls minimizes this struggle.

2. The Stress of Traffic

In addition to the distance of the therapists' office from the family's home being a deterrent when it comes to going for necessary family therapy appointments, the traffic that comes with that is stressful. Imagine having to work a full day or having to stay at home with the kids that have been misbehaving only to deal with traffic jams, slow-moving traffic, and the tailgaters  trying to rush you.  Certainly, new agitation or stress will be present when you finally reach the counseling office. With home-based counseling, the only rush hour you need to experience is how best to unwind from a stressful day.

3. Self-Control in Making or Changing Appointments

Research shows that offering clients the independence to make their own appointments or change an existing appointment, allows clients to feel empowered in their mental health. Understanding that mental health maintenance  does not always happen during business hours, flexibility is certainly an important variable.  Twenty-four-hour access in maintaining your mental health schedule is imperative.

4. Client Convenience Determines the Counseling Location

For some clients, their home is not the most convenient location to focus on their mental health.  Sometimes, after a childcare provider arrives, counseling happens at  local park surrounded by nature or another location of their choice. Other clients have professional careers that support an office and they prefer to have their counseling sessions during their business day. Flexibility and privacy are the hallmarks of mental health professionals who make house-calls for therapy sessions.

5. Feeling Comfortable and Understood Happens Most Immediately

For many, traveling to a professional medical office is an uncomfortable feeling and unravels their comfort zone. Choosing your home or office optimizes your feelings of encouragement in receiving mental health care. Self-confidence is a way to begin different in our lives  It is much easier to begin small change when you are in a place that is familiar and feels reassuring. Having a choice in the location to work  on mental health struggles allows your positive mental health  to flourish in a more subtle yet effective manner.


Almost a decade ago, I began my career in mental health. I am  passionate about working with families and individuals in a location that optimizes client self-confidence  and lessens  their  mental health struggles. I work from a solution focused,  insight guided perspective that empowers clients and their families  the self- confidence to begin living the change they deserve.

Whether you’re a family of ten or a couple of one, in-home counseling offers you and your family the most privacy and flexibility  of all mental health counseling options. No matter where you choose to honor your mental health, taking charge of mental health for yourself and family  is  most valuable. If you struggle with wanting different, yet are unable to determine how to move forward, begin with a call for Insight to Actions.

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