Do the Thing you Fear the Most

& Death of Fear is Certain ~ Mark Twain

Fear seems to be a most common preventive medicine of the 21st century. Many times, the answers we give to our self and others is "I would love too! But I am afraid". In hearing ourselves continually recite this answer, we most always feel personally justified with allowing fear to prohibit our actions.

When we carefully examine our fear-fueled excuses, most all our fearful justifications are guesstimates, factoids, or hypothetical answers.

We allow the reflection in our mirror to be defeated before we have ever begun.Click To Tweet

Fear in its simplicity can guide our domesticated sensibilities. This sensibility is what allows us to co-exist in a civilized society.

Superficially or dramatically, fear masks itself as anger, frustration, and intolerance. When we peel back each emotional layer, we discover our own innate Tesla Powerwall! We begin to understand that tapping into our own powerwall of fear, is how we begin living life full throttle.

For over two decades I was employed in the sport of skydiving. Hundreds of times I was asked "Aren't you afraid?" or the classic "I would love to do that, but I am too afraid?"  For over twenty years, my answer was always the same; "Yes, I am totally afraid each time I jump from a plane; And that's exactly why I do it".

The message is not to overcome fear or wait for fear to replace that hole in our donut. Empowerment is when we allow our 100% pure organic fear to ride tandem with our hopes and desires.

Just imagine the momentum your dreams could have if you harnessed your powerwall of pure organic fear as a fuel for self-empowerment. There is no need to wait for fear to dissipate or evaporate. Rather, fear jet-powers your ability to achieve the things your heart is passionate about.

Tim Ferriss, the author of the current #1 New York Times bestseller Tools of Titans: The Tactics, Routines, and Habits of Billionaires, Icons, and World-Class Performers which I abundantly recommend, will be debuting a television show titled Fear{less} with Tim Ferriss. Unveiling May 30, 2017.  Tim will interview known and soon-to-be-known individuals on how they live less fearless in their life journey.

Au contraire, there is never a need to be fearless. Rather than empty our fearful hearts, maybe we should embrace our fears and bravely step forward. In the midst of our struggles, something very powerful happens when we wholeheartedly admit fear is riding tandem.

Fear crushes roadblocks of inactivity, dulls the shine of negativity, and lowers the volume of unkind rhetoric. Allow your powerwall of fear to push the throttle of your life desires.

I leave you with this, my friend.

Remain fearful. Embrace fear-ness. Be fearfully full.  Let fearful abundance energize you to begin living life forward.

Learn by heart; when we begin talking excuses or negativity and feelings of hope or passion are stifled, fear is always riding tandem.  Plug into your personal powerwall.


Honor your fears;

And the grandeur of grace will always follow. 


  • Daniela Paolone LMFT,

    What an inspiring and compelling post. I love how you incorporate your life experiences in such a creative way. I will be sure to share this with clients!

    • Katy Karas,

      Thanks Daniela. I have found that bravely sharing, when it will also be helpful for others, is one of the most grateful things we can do.

  • Elizabeth Cush,

    Feel and embrace the fear! Great post!

    • Katy Karas,

      Thanks so much Elizabeth. It is always inspirational when my colleagues share kindness about my writing. Much appreciated.

  • Stacey Steinmiller,

    I love how you get intimate with fear! 🙂 Keep inspiring us all!

    • Katy Karas,

      True intimacy is what gives our life journey meaning! Together, we will give inspiration to those we are honored to share with. Keep on shining!

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