How Footwear is More Revealing than a Bikini ~

Be Aware of Your Therapists' Shoes.

Most days, we must decide what pieces of cloth will be our fashion declaration of the day. How we accomplish such a feat is as individual and unique as one's fingerprint.

Dressed in poise, the next ingredient for our on-trend day, is footwear. And for those times when your feet are blessed with the ultimate freedom of nakedness, I salute you.

For us mere mortals, it is a daily necessity to decide what podiatric vessel must handle the punishment and torture our feet will tolerate in our daily living.

The real crème de la crème of understanding is nestled in the choice of feet covering. Yes, the secret to empathy dwells in our shoes!

In her brilliantly written and emotionally engaging New York Times best-seller Wild, Cheryl Strayed’s hiking boots heightened both her physical and emotion senses during her epic 1,100-mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. Cheryl’s boots became her metaphor for overcoming both physical and mental challenges during her heroic journey.

From band-aids to burden, from priceless to pitiful, how many times do we use our challenges as megaphones attempting to change another's actions?

Were her hiking boots really the challenge? How many times do we feel a change needs to happen to the shoes and not our own footsies?

I am willing to bet, my best pair of Louboutin’s, that NBA great Michael Jordan, would still be one of the most accurate jump shot-makers of all time, no matter if his kicks were Adidas, Nike, Converse, or Vans…with no driving needed!

The real personal value, lest not I judge another, can rarely be found in the critic. Rather the platinum value is what I would experience if I wore another person’s shoes for my own self-appraisal.

For many people, mental health counseling may feel like the harshest, most ill-fitting pair of shoes ever; “like ever” (Yes, I am a Swiftie).


I share the secrets to understanding how well a mental health therapist may understand you. In counseling, it is genuinely all about you and just maybe the shoes!


Here’s the secret's shared…


If you see shoes that require great balance and delicate stepping, you can be assured the therapist will understand your need for life stability along with your desire to have work, family, and personal time all in harmonious balance.

If you see shoes that appear to offer Midwest winter survival against the harshest of elements; you can be assured the therapist will assist in you developing your skills of mental health persistence, so that you may feel empowered in whatever positive life choice you make.

And, if you see shoes that ride a John Deere tractor while tilling a field during a hot October afternoon; you can bet the therapist will understand the pain and anguish you feel when life just doesn’t seem fair. Sometimes nature shares rainless months or dumps turbulent storms. Yes, the therapist in mud-covered boots will understand your struggles.

The most valuable understanding is there are many different shoes, for as many different people.


Along with listening, walking a journey in unfamiliar shoes may be necessary for real awareness in others. If only for a short time, we traded our boots, shoes or sandals, I wonder how the conversation would differ?


Before you walk away, I have one more nugget for the journey ~ Bikinis are not just swimsuit apparel...

Rather, bikinis are to shoes, what duct-tape is to gloves. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Bikinis are to shoes, what duct-tape is to gloves. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.Click To Tweet


The strings can be used for worn-out laces; Flip-flops instantly become gladiator sandals; bikini tops can be used as band-aids for ill-fitting boots (Wild approved), and the bikini bottoms can be used as foot insoles when your shoe tread has worn thin (Not Dr. Scholl approved).







Whether you are urban walking, farm field rambling, nature hiking, or strolling to your music, make every stride memorable and always enjoy the journey.

And, to quote Cheryl Strayed  “Just keep going; just take it one step at a time.”

Also, to be totally set, forever bring two bikinis.


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