We did it!!

Yes indeed, I am now officially Dr. Katy Karas!

We, you say.  Yep,  like you and I together are totally responsible for completing this ultimate educational achievement!

I began the doctoral journey almost 5 years ago, immediately after I received my masters in Marriage & Family therapy. It’s been 5 very, very long years.

Sometimes my life hurdles were light as a dandelion blowing in fresh air….Other times, the hurdles  were cement walls, high as the  sky &  graced  with razor wire as far as the eye could see. Yet, no challenge is ever too tough, if you have family and friends that believe every obstacle is winnable with love, dedication,  perseverance & laughter.

Maybe it was your article, blog or comment that motivated me to continue in the pursuit of higher education. Maybe it was your connection that made me feel I was part of a team! Quite possibly it was community inspiration from colleagues and clients and future students that kept my academic gears churning day after day, never losing hope that one day this journey would be complete.

I certainly believe it takes more than a village to complete a dissertation. So yes, if are reading  this, we are community. And I hope other academic achievers feel the same. I know, if it were not for many others generosity in this achievement, it would never would have been accomplished. And my deepest gratitude goes to those I will never know…the people who took the time to participate in the research.

Dare, I do not forget, all those who have trolled, bullied or ghosted me, you too, are part of the success. To   appreciate light and love in myself & others,  I must  know the darkness, pain & negativity of others.

So last night when I finished the oral defense of my dissertation, and my dissertation committee said “we are honored to have you in our ranks and we “Welcome you, Dr. Karas” I felt tremendously proud and I also felt extraordinarily  grateful.


This morning I woke up with a couple of letters I can add to my name.  I waited until I had the blessing of reaching the summit, before I allowed myself the title.

Two letters that for me mean “Direct Relatability”. I am wise enough to know I need others to achieve any skyward  challenge worthy of the climb.

The next step is Celebration. So, this weekend,  raise a toast to friendship, family and the love of learning. May we continue in abundance of all 3. k

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