Counseling for Rural Millennials ~ Traveling Country Roads Delivering Mental Health To You and Your Family


There’s no doubt about it; millennials are one of the most stressed generations in decades. In fact, a survey of more than 2000 U.S. adults performed by the American Psychological Association, determined the millennial generation is the most stressed and anxious group when compared to other generations.

Maybe, labeling is just for soup cans. Yet, there is due concern for the crowd born post 1981 through the 2000’s. Let’s explore how the tech-savvy, family-centric, team-oriented, achievement-driven and attention-making superstars, also feel restless, melancholy, depressed and disheartened. How can that be?

The trouble with technology

Technology has quite literally reshaped our social culture. With digital device use in the fast lane,  social media has become the most common means of communication for millennials. Gone are the days when communication involved a simple hand wave, smile, or head-bob. Millennials communicate through their always-on digital devices. This has led to a massive and unfortunate shift of focus toward their self-image. Indeed, millennials undergo uber stress while simply striving to live a perfect #selfie life, rather than facing the truth of their everyday stress and challenges.

The errors in education

The education and workforce organizations have changed in the last few decades. As a large majority of companies look for a degree of some sort, millennials feel forced to attend traditional academic institutions. At the same time, college tuition has dramatically increased, leaving students in a massive pile of debt that only bogs them down even further and complicates their mental, physical and spiritual health.

The tension of the “twenties” & the curdy “thirties”

Without a doubt, millennials have to face the conventional stresses of everyday adult life.  They feel nervous tension about relationships, career, family, health, money, identity; all causing great personal angst.  Many seem to struggle identifying with group membership or social cultures that allow for genuine connection, which is leading  to feeling of  loneliness  and unbelonging. Answers can be found when we ask the right questions of our self.

Quite possibly,

the direction you are traveling & the life map you navigate from,

are not allowing you to reach your desired destination.


Getting out of your own way

If you’re a millennial, then you understand life stress is real. If you live with a millennial, have a friend, colleague or child that is a millennial, you too, understand the anxiety is genuine.

The trials and tribulations of life can lead one to feel bogged down, lesser than, overwhelmed, depressed, and uncertain of a future. Sure, you want to triumph and become a more confident and happier you, but how do you get there?

The short and simple answer is that you must get out of your own way. You must realize that you are not where you want to be, today.

You must thoughtfully organize your shortcomings then creatively plan to resolve and rebound in the direction you want to travel.

Moving through adversity or challenge requires forward progress; progress in a direction you have yet to travel.

Still, you must step in a different direction, with a different beat, to a different tune, humming a different chorus, if you want to be living a different song.


Like fast food delivery, but for counseling

It can sometimes be inconvenient or outright intimidating to seek mental health services from a professional. Yet, this uncomfortableness is minimized when you remain in your familiar surroundings  and a professional mental health clinician travels to your home or business for counseling services. This is the ultimate privacy and counseling flexibility in progress.

Like the old-fashioned doctors of yesteryear who made house calls to those needing help, Insight to Actions wants to make seeking mental health guidance less stressful and more convenient by meeting you where you are, as you are; whether that’s at your home or your office where privacy is optimum and your living room is the only waiting room you need.

My name is Katy, and I am a mental health practitioner in rural Minnesota. Both my life happenings and my skill as a counselor, has graced me with the fact that life can be outrageously stressful.

Sometimes life does not go the way we would like. Whether it is a career, relationships, school, or simply a tough decision that is causing you grief and stress, I understand your feelings of hopelessness and wanting something different.

Counseling in your home, allows for the most intensely personal and richly therapeutic counseling possible.

Because I travel to your home or office, you and your family already feel comfortable. As a team, we can laser focus on what needs to occur for your family goals to be achieved then steadily maintained.

Whether it be an individual, couple or team family, I honor every member; no age is too small or too mature.

Together, we begin to define your unique daily script. I find that flexibility is the key to mental health counseling.

Let’s begin our flexing today.



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