Modern Rules for "Guardian of the Galaxy". Be your Own Guardian. Make your Own Galaxy.

      Whether we step foot at a travel destination or just visit a page in a novel, the true brilliance of our journey lies in our desire for adventure. Each of us has the capacity for brilliance; we all possess the talent for living life forward with a difference.

Perhaps one wanders the lush and idyllic countryside of Europe, the narrow & curvaceous roads of Asia or the hotly arid and latte colored sand roads of Africa; individuals have embraced their visions of magnificence for thousands of years.

The grandeur of European castles is always breathtaking. What is remarkably transparent at the sight of such epic beauty, is that each construction began with one simple dream. It was one simple vision, at one point in time, by a person who was brave enough to dream and courageous enough to live life forward.

Magnificence can also be seen in the simplicity of a seedling. The giant redwoods of the Pacific Coast, the rainforests of the Amazon River Basin, or the safari plains of Africa, all bless us with a glimpse of how plant and animal life have co-existed for hundreds of years.

Nature began as a small sprout; a petite presence that persisted; a tiny presence that held its ground and claimed it’s dirt filled space. Seedlings continued to thrive while enduring climatic change and acculturation, century after century.

Most beauty began as a dream, that prospered.  Someone was always stepping forward, fighting against both natural and human challenges.  Thousands of years later, we still enjoy the exquisite result of dedication to a dream.

Much of the theme of the current hit movie Guardians of the Galaxy centers around feeling fear. And it is “fear,” that can stifle any dream we imagine.

Never allow the insidious nature of fear, to derail any vision you hold close. Rather use such emotion to inspire and embolden your hope. Seedlings of the redwoods or the rainforest endured the storms of many a season, while castles endured the overarching fear of fear itself.

Fleetwood Mac so classically reminds us to “Listen to the wind blow, watch the sun rise. Run in the shadows, damn your love, damn your lies.”

Next time you are in a quiet and peaceful place, embrace yourself and gently ponder the state of your own galaxy and how your fears may be smothering your desires. Are you nurturing the seedlings you planted? Whatever “castle-like” desire you have, do you give attention to the creation, brick by brick, stone by stone?

I offer you this, my friend. Whether it is the Pacific redwood trees, the Latin American rainforest or the plains of the Serengeti, you must embrace the storms and persist through the darkness, knowing that a warm sunshine will always return. We, too, began as a small seedling, that must weather, dark and tumultuous storms and anguish. Hope tells us, that every storm runs out of the rain, while every drought finds its thirst.   It is how we navigate the turbulence and pain, that will give our life direction.

Collaborating with nature allows for our beautiful uniqueness to emerge in a galaxy of our design. Castles would not exist without a dream of one and the faith of many. Giant redwoods would not exist without a tiny seedling and the confidence of nature.


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Whether it be planes, trains or trade winds that allow our journey, we must be bravely courageous with our dream.

May you always be your own guardian. Your galaxy needs the strength of both nature and life to flourish.

The more you blend nature and self, the more brilliance your galaxy will shine.

And again, “You would never break the chain.”



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