~ Blending Adventure, Nature, and Mental Health ~ 

Adventure counseling may provide the perfect setting to work through stuggles and begin understanding the life you imagine 

  Swimming - Beautiful lake and river beaches

  Canoeing - Travel through 10,000 Lakes or the  Boundry Waters of Northern Minnesota

 Snowshoeing - Hiking in a Winter Wonderland

  Camping - Among the lakes of Minnesota

  Paddle Boarding - The beauty of Lake Superior

 Fat-Tire Biking - Enjoy Biking in the beautiful winter outdoors

  Boating - Boat on pristine lakes of Minnesota 

  Bonfires & Grouptime - A time to understand we are not alone in our struggles



I am very committed to adding adventure counseling to my practice. 

Spending over 20 years involved in skydiving and other vigorous outdoor activities provided me the insight into adventure sports and the value outdoor activities can have on our mental health.