You, Me, & Lady Gaga ~ The truth behind my 1st blog post

Once upon a time, I said…

Yes, my first blog post will be on Christmas morning. It will be my gift to you with words of grace and hope along with a little sparkling humor. Score: No Blog Post 1 – Publication 0.

Yes, my first post will be on New Year’s Day. What a perfect day to launch a new beginning of my creative & inspirational writing. I know my blog post will just leap off the screen and into every reader’s heart. Score: No Blog Post 2 – Publication 0.

Maybe, my first blog post will be on Groundhog Day. If people are interested in what Punxsutawney Phil’s seasonal prediction is, then by golly, they just might be interested in my blog post radiating sunshine and optimism. Score: No Blog Post 3 – Publication 0.

Well, maybe, my first post will be on Valentine’s Day. Not because I am Hallmark worthy. It is because I believe in the modern  boomerang. Yep, when I share love n positivity, it comes right back to me! Score: No Blog Post 4 – Publication 0.

Well, just maybe, my first post will be on St. Patrick’s Day. I know all my Irish Ancestors, from decades’ past, are looking from above and sending me “the luck of the Irish” And yes, some day I will travel to Ireland, and kiss the Blarney stone. Score: No Blog Post 5. – Publication 0.

Well, now Spring has sprung. And there is still no luck of my blog to be found!


And anyway, no one will read it.  And if they do, they will certainly feel it was a total waste of their valuable time.

I also know each & every paragraph of my blog will be Boring with a capital “B.”

And lest I forget, my personal and loyal cyberbully fans will now have an additional location to trash me with their toxic and foolish words.

And finally, my blog will be just another piece of internet pollution littering along the World Wide Web highway. Score: No Blog Post 5 – Publication 0.

Today, I softly said to myself “Katy, my dear, fear is winning your blog game. You slay fear, like a dragon puffs fire”! 

You slay fear, like a dragon puffs fire!Click To Tweet


It’s halftime, ladies, and gentlemen!

What did my Superstar heroine say to me during her epic 2017 Super Bowl halftime appearance and beyond? Just like her, I am my own Superstar, and you are yours. “We are all on the right track, Baby!”

And sometimes, I feel like I  have “one hundred million reasons” for sour disapproval.  As Lady Gaga so brilliantly sang, “Baby, I just need one good one.” And, that good one is the power of slaying a fear.

And, today, I choose to slay my fear and share my writing with you.

Now, do I just soar off the stage and disappear after my first halftime show?

Drum roll pleazzzzze

I will lightly hear the folks who tell me, I wasted their time; I will respect my ever present cyberbully trolls, who continue to bash me, while I stay ever present; and I will try to discard more internet trash than I leave.

More importantly, I will loudly listen to those who understand fear. I will listen to those who share and speak with kindness.

Like many of my feelings, when I confidently embrace them, their power lights my journey.

In unity, my first blog publication rolled out on April Fool’s Day.  No doubt about it.  I am not a fool and naturally neither are you. Sometimes just a little bit of foolish delight can make the day most brilliant.



Seriously, never, ever, stop being  brave; no matter what inning, period, or quarter your game.

Embracing hope will always make you a star.

Yes, I will return to the stage.  Today, I am a person with a little less fear.

Together, we are fearless superstars.



  • Bitcoin Brandie,

    Hello there! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that
    would be ok. I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to
    new posts.

    • Katy Karas,

      Thanks for the kind words. I do use Twitter although quite lightly. As I publish more, I will begin to Tweet more!

    • Katy Karas,

      Hello Brandie, Thanks so much for the reply. Yes, Insight to Actions is on Twitter! Thanks for following along on the InSighter journey!

  • stare przepisy kulinarne,

    Very good website – bookmarked

  • Elizabeth Cush,

    You have a gift! Being funny and relevant is not always easy to do! Thanks for sharing this funny poignant post!

    • Katy Karas,

      So much gratitude for your kind words, Elizabeth! Now that I have shared my first gift, I can feel that the ribbon has been slightly opened to sharing so much more…and always with love and humor! Many blessings to you.

  • Dalila Jusic-LaBerge,

    Wonderful post. Your authenticity shines and allows your clients be open and brave.

    • Katy Karas,

      Dalila, I am most grateful that you felt authenticity! That was my heartfelt goal with this post. And also, I hope by showing bravery in public, my clients will feel I understand how hard it is to be open and courageous in counseling. Thanks for being so heartfelt.

  • Anna Prudovski,

    Katy, this is such a great post. You put into words everything I experienced when I finally published my first blog post just a few months ago. Has the fear gone away since? Not really. But the score has changed and will hopefully continue changing! Thank you for understanding fear and thank you for this post!

    • Katy Karas,

      Anna, your comments touch my heart! And, I thank you. Maybe the fear will never go away…and that’s okay. You and I will still get it done with a little fear! Many blessings to you. We are sistas in fear!

  • Liz Miller,

    Katy, I love this line: Seriously, never, ever, stop being brave; no matter what inning, period, or quarter your game. Thank you!

    • Katy Karas,

      You are most welcome…it is my honor to share! And always, live brave!

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