When Talk therapy isn't getting the resolution you desire...

BrainSpotting may be your answer

No matter how much you talk about it in therapy sessions,  it feels like IT just won’t go away. You have faced a lot in your life, whether it was one major traumatic event that forever changed you or multiple terrible things that have occurred.

The memory of them haunts you. You are no longer the same. You spend most of your days worrying and questioning yourself. You’re not eating right and hardly sleep. Your life feels so chaotic and even though you spend most of your time in your head worrying, you realize that nothing is even getting resolved.

Sometimes you feel like you could just get past it all, but the good days have been reduced to good moments, and those good moments are becoming few and far between. Instead you show up as the mean parent - you are either constantly yelling and overwhelmed by your kids or you just hand them over to your partner to try to avoid dealing with them, and the guilt you feel at the end of the day for this leaves you feeling so much regret.

You feel so lonely because you don’t feel like anyone would ever understand all that you’ve been carrying - and you spend most of your time telling yourself you should be over that stuff, it happened so long ago now!

But it keeps you up at night and you have a panic attack every time the truth of what happened hits you.

You feel guilt and shame, and embarrassed that nothy works - you tell yourself you can get through this on your own. Yet, this is where BrainSpotting with me an help you.

Through talk therapy and Brainspotting, together we work through the exhaustion and overwhelmingness  from carrying the shame and guilt of past pain and trauma. You will begin to feel lighter and at peace with what has happened in the past so you can begin to believe in your future.

Together in our sessions I'll use an amazing neurocognitive tool called Brainspotting to help you find a clear understanding about the past. After just a few sessions you will feel like you truly know what’s led you to feeling stuck and you will have more understanding of who you are and what makes your unique self awesome.

You will finally stop feeling guilty and start feeling proud of yourself for all the hard work you’ve done AND feel hopeful for the future you deserve. 

My clients come in weekly so they have consistent support and they say that they love having a sounding board and this amazing tool that helps them move past stuck places. They love the people they are becoming, the patience and understanding they feel around their kids, and they tell us that even though they process some really heavy emotions, Brainspotting leaves them feeling lighter after each session.

This is more than just regular talk therapy - Brainspotting is a cutting edge technique that creates new neural pathways in the brain that leave you feeling like you can finally let go and move on from your past. Brainspotting is a focused processing technique used to help you identify, process, and release core nuero-physiological sources of emotional and physical pain, and unhealthy coping mechanisms associated with PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction, chronic pain, chronic illness, and more.

Let me take a pause and please watch the founder of BrainSpotting Dr. David Grand explain this trauma-informed modality.


My reason for selecting to be trained in Brainspotting was I felt I wanted to tape into our bodies natural ability to heal itself. I absolutley wanted to enhance my traditional talk therapy, and Brainspotting works with the body's natural ability to heal itself.  Brainspotting is a gentle approach to help you dismantle emotional pain or trauma, relieve the physical symptoms you are experiencing and develop a new perspective to help you renew and flourish on your journey. Whether first responders, professional athletes, those who struggle with posttraumatic stress, depression, anxiety or anger management, BrainSpotting has given my clients a new hope on their life journey.

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