I am honored and blessed to be invited into my client's homes, the office space they call work or the time we spend together in nature on walking trails.

I am a pre-Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor who will assist you in achieving the private and personalized mental health you and your family deserve. 

  I spent many years actively participating in extreme sports, while working alongside world class athletes.    I remain active in all things related to aviation. I understand the intense passion of extreme sports, lifestyles, and the personal intensity that results from elite professions. I too, walk  the elite professional path;  this allows me to empower others to rediscover their talents and passions that may be temporarily sidelined or ignored.   

For close to a decade I participated in higher education, with the culmination of my doctorate. Working alongside professionals allows me to understand the complexity of professional life and the balance that must be achieved to have a successful personal life as well.   

  Shame, Blame or Secrets have allowed you to recognize you want life "different". We work together to define what "different" is for you and the steps are necessary to begin to live life forward.

I work from a very action oriented and positively motivating perspective. My job is to dust off the personal tools you already possess in such a way that your confidence may begin to flourish.

I find most all of us have great confidence and know what we want in our daily life;  we just need help creating the road map for our next life journey. Counseling with me will allow you to develop your roadmap, your next game plan or quite simply,  your next life adventure. 

Counseling with me is not about change. You already have all the necessary qualities to achieve your daily lifestyle.   Blending this insight with necessary actions, will allow you to begin your next life chapter. 

My dedicated partner


Professional Service Dog

Born in 2008, Motley has matured into a calm, gentle, yet highly sensitive service dog. She is a pure English Cream Golden Retriever, who excels at obeying commands from friends three to 93. She just wants to please and connect in a gentle way that allows confidence and self-esteem to build in those she meets.

Service Dog
Golden Retreiver

More About Counseling with Motley

Motley earned her official "Service Dog" certification in 2012 from Twin Ports Dog Training in Duluth.

Although Motley would love to join in on any or all sessions, I make sure it is in the best interest of you and your family that she joins us. I find Motley works best with clients who are struggling to find words to express their feelings. Spending time in silence with Motley, clients begin to find words to help express what they are currently feeling or thinking.

Motley has also assisted with families whom, their child has developed a great fear of dogs, yet the parents want their kids to respect animals. With her calm and gentle personality, she has been able to lessen or stop the fear while teaching active and healthy pet etiquette.

Some Common Questions

Motley will join us for any session that you and I agree she will enhance the therapeutic value of our session.
If your pet will be beneficial to the therapeutic value of our session, then it only makes sense to have your animal join us. If you would like to have your pet or farm animal join our meetings, please let me know, and we will discuss this further. I believe in utilizing whatever tools will make therapy most beneficial for you. Again, let me know, what your needs are and we will discuss them further.
I certainly understand the small town. Once you become a client, I will let you determine how we converse or interact in public. If I see you in public, I will wait for you to acknowledge me. If you choose not too, I will follow your lead and remain silent. If you acknowledge me, I will be professional too. Please understand, if you choose to ignore me, I certainly understand and will not take it personally. I am a mother with an active teenager daughter and married to a very civically active husband. Again, I will let you determine how we acknowledge each other publically.
Absolutely! I believe in the healing nature of the outdoors and fresh air. I will always arrive at your home, ready for outdoor adventures. Remember, you are paying for my time. I will guide you to utilize my expertise as best I can so that we maximize the value of our therapy sessions.
My social media policy is different than many other mental health professionals. Most all of my social media presence is professionally based; meaning that I have intentionally made my social media presence for my working life. Most all of my postings are for both social and professional contacts. Just like you, I too, have personal boundaries. If I feel there is a violation, we will discuss this. I believe there is value in connecting with others via different social and professional platforms. My hope is that knowledge and self-growth can be achieved through both face-to-face contact and internet communications.

And if You Choose

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