I am honored and blessed to be invited to join my clients as they begin to work on their mental health journey .

I am a License Professional Clinical Counselor in both Minnesota and Wisconsin who will assist you in achieving the private and personalized mental health you and your family deserve.

I was raised by 2 parents, with my dad being a police officer first in rural Kansas where I was born, then recruited to very large West Coast police department. Thus, Law Enforcement is in my DNA and my dedication to first responders’ mental health has been a lifelong passion.

I also spent many years actively participating in extreme sports, while working alongside world class athletes. I remain active in all things related to aviation. I understand the intense passion of extreme sports, lifestyles, and the personal intensity that results from elite professions. I too, walk the elite professional path; this allows me to empower others to rediscover their talents and passions that may be temporarily sidelined or ignored.

For close to a decade, I participated in higher education, with the culmination of my doctorate. Working alongside professionals allows me to understand the complexity of professional life and the balance that must be achieved to have a healthy personal life as well.

ShameBlame or Secrets have allowed you to recognize you want life "different". We work together to define what "different" is for you and the steps are necessary to begin to live life forward.

I work from a very action oriented and positively motivating perspective. My job is to dust off the personal tools you already possess in such a way that your confidence may begin to flourish.

I also have spent time and dedication being trained to work with trauma, which we know faces most of us at some time in our lives. I work exclusively in BrainSpotting and have seen intensive trauma become much more manageable and thus life changing for my clients.

I find most all of us have great confidence and know what we want in our daily life; we just need help creating the road map for our next life journey. Counseling with me will allow you to develop your roadmap, your next game plan or quite simply, your next best day.


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