1 + 1 = 3

Each person is uniquely individual. And, every person is their own brand of uniqueness.

When blended with another person, you begin to define your couple connection.  Yet sometimes, that connection is more of a  dis~connection.

Relationships are not always defined by gender, labels, or expectations. Hiding any relationship can be self-destructive.

Counseling begins to work on what the connection needs to be for both individuals to feel healthy, positive, and loving.

Couples Counseling is about discovering how to be a couple without losing your sense of self.

Our goal is to have two independent persons decide what is best for themselves, their union, and ultimately their family.


And sometimes,

we just need  help to sort through struggles of

communication, sexuality, and stress, to understand

the shame, blame, and secrets that are 

 preventing you from having ideal relationships.


When Partners are No Longer Friends

It feels like the romance just stopped. Once married, we stopped dating and seeing our friends and the blaming is loud. It feels like the job has become more important than you.  Something is wrong.

Positive Communication Struggles

It seems we either yell and argue or are silent. We cannot have a conversation that is gentle. When one talks, nothing is heard.

Blaming and Holding Secrets

Everything is always my fault. Our conversations are nothing but lies.

Overall Life Stress

I cannot find a place to call home. Someone in my family is always ill, and I am the caretaker. I feel when things go wrong, it is my fault. We have so much financial debt that I cannot sleep. I feel lonely most every night. I feel angry at the world. Nobody seems to like me.


Just because you asked...

Working through  struggles in our "couplehood", can be some of the toughest challenges of our lives. Having gone through divorce, I understand the unique challenges that occur when a marriage unravels. Currently being married for close to 2 decades, I have also learned the enormous gratitude that comes from a strong union. In couples counseling, we honor each individual, then sort through how best to have a relationship that is successful for both of you. Couples counseling with me, is about each individual sharing how they want a relationship to be. Listening to and respecting each voice, is pivotal to counseling. Then together, we can  create the best game plan to play it forward.