I am Honored

Counseling is about a relationship ~ The relationship between you and I

Katy Karas

Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor ~ Minnesota and Licensed Professional Counselor ~ Wisconsin

I hold a doctorate degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy.  Similarly, I received a Master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy along with a certification in Addictions Counseling.  Both degrees were completed at Capella University in Minneapolis.   My passion is working with couples and families because I believe so strongly in the power of healthy relationships leading to strong families. How you define your “family, ” or your “marriage” is for you to say. I begin to understand your struggles by your current life definitions.

It is always with great honor that I continue to assist others in finding solutions to whatever struggles they may endure so that they begin to enjoy and feel confident in each new day.

As with most relationships, we have a choice of how and when we actively and positively participate. Remember you ALWAYS have a choice about the life you lead.

You are the expert in your current struggles. I am an expert at curiously asking questions, genuinely embracing your current challenges, then dusting off creative solutions.
It is through our work in counseling that you may begin to recognize your hidden confidence, re-energize your talents, and start living the life you desire.

The professional areas that I work with are conflicts or struggles that arise out of shame, blame, trauma or secrets.

The specific therapies that guide my counseling skills are solution-focused therapy and narrative counseling with some cognitive-behavioral techniques if needed. My professional style is just what my company title says “Insight to Actions”. I believe in understanding who and what we are, then taking the necessary steps to becoming just what we imagine. Solution-focused therapy stays very much in the present, yet that is not to say, we may visit past struggles to determine what is best for your life moving forward.

Narrative counseling blends well with solution-focused therapy, by helping us organize and prioritize what steps we need to begin with so that you feel hope for the future. Cognitive behavior therapy can be helpful when we want to start new behaviors or actions that replace old behaviors that are not helping us achieve the life we desire.

Shame ~ Blame ~ Trauma ~ Secrets

Feelings can be messy and overwhelming. Thoughts of confusion make us feel stuck. Together we begin to sort through the messiness and start to uncover a daily life you desire.