Some days you want life to rewind to yesterday,  last week, or last month. Sometimes, you just want a radically different life.

Maybe it's the team. Maybe its the roar of the crowd. Maybe it's the life-n-death moments  you miss. Or quite possibly you miss the solitude of  nature.  Whatever it is, there is a loud emptiness in your daily life.

Feelings of shame and blame can feel so heavy. Secrets can scream at you every second of every day.  Past life stories continue to replay in your mind.


Adrenaline, self-goals, and excitement fuel your passion. Rediscovering  your passion is part of the intent of therapy.  Individual counseling with me, allows you to sort through what the next team, the next job or the next gig will look like. Sometimes we need to redefine your current significant relationships,while living it forward. 


I work from a clinical philosophy that we do not need to change, to notice change in our life. Rather we need to do more of what gives our life meaning. We need to do more of what gives our life purpose. You  need to engage  in  more self-empowering actions, to gain self-confidence to achieve the daily life you desire.  


Your Struggles of Today are

Just a Place

to Begin.


  Relationships - You just want different! Others try to blame you. Let's understand the break-up, separation, divorce or extended family. 

   Infidelity - However, whenever, and with whomever it occurred. You feel cheated, angry, and ashamed.

   Job Loss - You have lost your professional identity and financial stability and feel embarrassed.

   Parenthood - From  pre-school to college or maybe it was that challenging time in-between, somewhere I began my secret.

 Domestic Violence - It's physical, it's psychological, it's cyber or some combination. It's a tightly held secret. Together we begin small      changes.

   Life - Sometimes you live with all the above. And maybe none of it applies to you. Yet, every morning, you want different.  And, this is where we begin..


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