Every Family Member

Has Something to Share

Counseling creates a safe place  to begin to unwrap what is not being communicated.

With insight, we start to understand hidden feelings or troublesome behaviors that are preventing your family from having the life they deserve.  

Changing Dynamics

Family changes such as relocation, finances, medical emergencies, a death of a family member or close friend can disrupt family stability.

Finding the "new normal" can be a challenge.

Allowing someone to help you sort through the chaos can bring about a sense of peaceful organization.  In small steps, we start to understand what you desire for your family and how to best achieve family stability and honor every family member.


Sometimes our families grow and blend with new members. This is a very exciting, yet challenging time.

Every voice, no matter the age, needs to be heard. Sometimes listening to family members express their fears and frustrations allows for more understanding.

As a marriage and family counselor, joining your home team, allows the counseling process to be much more intense and effective because every voice is given a chance to be understood on your home field.   Yes, it is the home field advantage! 

Defining Your Family

You decide the people that define your family.

Extended, blended, granted by birth and blood, or simply because of love, whoever you welcome into the family time is your choice.  

Your family definition is where we begin our counseling. Each member begins to learn  ways to positively live as a healthy family team member.



Family Counseling ~ I define family counseling as any group who loves each other and wants to understand how to blend each person's voice in a positive and loving way, making Team Family winners most every day!

Having worked through the extended or blended family, I totally understand the challenges that family life can present. I honor every family member; no age is too small or too mature.  Together, we begin to define your unique family and develop your harmony.

I find flexibility is the key to the family therapy session. Let's begin our flexing today.